If you want to discover Mallorca by boat, but in a totally exclusive and different way, we propose a Mallorca Sailing itinerary to sail around the south of Mallorca. Rent a boat with or without skipper with Vela Mayorca and we will take care of preparing your trip for you to enjoy an unforgettable vacation.

Day 1: Palma – Es Trenc

We will depart from the port of Palma de Mallorca heading southeast, to reach our first stop, Cala Pi. This incredible cove is a very well sheltered sandy area where we will anchor surrounded by cliffs and pine trees in a unique natural environment. If you have rented a boat without skipper, keep in mind that in summer months you have to moor at the stern of one of the rocks due to the number of boats and the size of the cove.

After this stop, we will continue to the famous beach of Es Trenc, where we will be able to anchor in its immense sandy area free of poseidonea.

Es trenc

Day 2: Cabrera – Cala Màrmols/Cala d‘Or/Portocolom

On this day we will enjoy the east coast of Mallorca, where there are a multitude of coves that can only be enjoyed from the sea.

Our first stop will be the paradisiacal Cala Màrmols, only accessible by boat. Its sandy bottom will make it easy for us to find a place to anchor.

We will continue our crossing to the most photographed and famous cove of the island, Calo des Moro. This beautiful cove has gained great fame due to social networks, and has a large affluence of people by land. Luckily, when accessing by boat we can enjoy Caló des Moro without queues or waiting. In the area of the entrance has much of sandy bottom to about 7-8 meters deep, although we must be cautious with certain areas of poseidonea.

Our last stop of the day where we will spend the night will be Portocolom, where we can reserve a buoy and spend a quiet night or even take the dinghy to one of the many restaurants in this town for dinner.

Cala Màrmols


Day 3: Portocolom- Isla de Cabrera


To continue with our Mallorca sailing itineray, on this day we will sail to one of the most wonderful natural environments of the Mediterranean, the National Maritime Terrestrial Park of the Archipelago of Cabrera. It is important to know that in order to sail and spend the night at anchor in Cabrera we must make a reservation online through the following link.
If you decide to rent your sailboat or boat in Mallorca with Vela Mayorca, we can arrange the reservation of the buoy for you.

We will sail between the islands of the archipelago to end up anchoring at a buoy on the island of Cabrera, the largest of the archipelago.



Day 4: Cabrera – Es Caragol/Es Carbó

On our fourth day of sailing, we will return to the Mallorcan coast to enjoy Mallorca by charter sailboat. First we will head to the beach of Es Caragol. This unspoilt beach, with white sand and crystal clear waters offers incredible views of the island of Cabrera, if we go to the beach with the auxiliary boat we can enjoy a beautiful dune system of hundreds of meters long and crystal clear waters.

After our first stop, we will head for Es Carbó beach, where we will anchor and spend the night. This beach, located next to Colonia Sant Jordi, is not very busy by land, which makes arriving by sea one of the best options for enjoying this beautiful cove. If we have rented our boat without a skipper, we must take extreme precautions due to the shallow draught in this cove.

Es carbo


Day 5: Es Carbó- Cala Llamp/Puerto de Andratx:

On this sailing day we will reach the beautiful port of Andratx, during the crossing we will anchor at Cala Llamp at midday. This cove is very protected and has a large sandy beach. There are several restaurants with catering service that will bring the food to our rental boat and we can enjoy a succulent paella on board in Mallorca. At the end of the day we will sail to the port of Andratx.

Port Andratx


Day 6: Puerto de Andratx – Cala Blanca/Portal Vells:

On our way back to Palma de Mallorca by sailboat, we will make a first stop at Cala Blanca.

Cala Blanca is an exclusive wild cove with a large sandy foredune where we can anchor without any problem and enjoy its turquoise waters. If we have chartered a skippered sailboat in Mallorca with Vela Mayorca, it will be time for our last meal on board where our skipper will prepare a typical Mallorcan seafood rice on board to give you the best possible taste of the island.

To end our trip, we will sail by sailboat to Portal Vells, also known as Cala del Mago. Cala del Mago is one of the most beautiful coves on the island and the conditions for anchoring boats and diving are excellent.

Cala Blanca Mallorca


Day 7: Portall Vells – Palma

On this last day, we will make a short crossing to return to the Port of Palma, enjoying exclusive views of the city of Palma and its cathedral directly from the sea.

If you have any questions when planning your route or chartering a sailing yacht in Mallorca, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be pleased to help you and will try to advise you as much as possible so that you can enjoy an unforgettable holiday.

Velero Catedral Mallorca


If you want to rent a boat or sailboat in Mallorca, you can contact us and we will advise you according to your needs. We rent sailboats with and without skipper, we make excursions of one or several days and we try to make you spend an unforgettable holiday.

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