The top 15 Excursions in Mallorca for cruise passengers


Are you enjoying a Mediterranean cruise with a stop in Mallorca? Perfect! Mallorca not only offers dreamy beaches and ideal weather but also a wide variety of excursions that will make your visit an unforgettable experience.

Keep reading and take notes!

What to Visit in Mallorca?

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Boat day tour Palma

Don’t miss the top 15 best excursions in Mallorca:

1. Palma Cathedral

Palma Cathedral, also known as “La Seu,” is a masterpiece of Mediterranean Gothic architecture and an iconic symbol of Mallorca.

    Located by the sea, this impressive cathedral stands out for its large rose window and the light that filters through it, creating a visual spectacle inside its vast interior. It was built on the site of a mosque during the Christian reconquest of the island and later remodeled by Antoni Gaudí in the 20th century, adding modernist elements to its traditional design.

    Visiting Palma Cathedral is undoubtedly essential to understanding the history and culture of Mallorca.

    2. Bellver Castle

    Bellver Castle, with its distinctive circular shape unique in Spain, stands as a testament to 14th-century Gothic architecture.

    Located in a forest overlooking Palma de Mallorca, this castle offers spectacular panoramic views of the city and the bay.

    Originally built as a royal residence and military fortress, it now houses a museum that narrates Mallorca’s rich history.

    Visiting Bellver Castle is immersing yourself in the medieval past of the island while enjoying one of Palma’s best viewpoints.

    3. Valldemossa

    Valldemossa, located in the idyllic Sierra de Tramuntana, is one of the most picturesque and visited villages in Mallorca.

      Famous for its rich cultural history, including Chopin and George Sand’s stay during the winter of 1838-1839, Valldemossa captivates with its cobbled streets and flower-decorated houses. Additionally, the Carthusian monastery, the cultural heritage center of the village, offers exhibitions about these illustrious visitors and a glimpse into traditional monastic life.

      And not only that, Valldemossa is also an excellent starting point for hikes and explorations in the Tramuntana, making this village a must-visit for any Mallorca visitor.

      4. Sóller y el Tren de Sóller

      Sóller and its famous Sóller Train offer a unique experience in Mallorca, connecting the city of Palma with the charming village of Sóller through a journey on a historic train dating back to 1912.

      This route winds through the spectacular Sierra de Tramuntana, offering stunning views of valleys, mountains, and traditional agricultural landscapes. Upon reaching Sóller, visitors can explore its rich architectural and cultural heritage, enjoy its local market, or continue by tram to Puerto de Sóller, a beautiful coastal retreat with beaches and a relaxed atmosphere.

      A must-do trip for any history and nature lover.

      5. Caves of Drach

      The Caves of Drach are one of Mallorca’s most fascinating natural treasures, located on the east coast of the island near Porto Cristo.

      These vast underground caverns are famous for their impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations, as well as for Lake Martel, one of the world’s largest underground lakes.

      A tour of the Caves of Drach not only includes a walk through its mysterious rock paths but also a live classical music concert performed on a boat sailing across the lake, creating a magical and unique once-in-a-lifetime experience.

      6. Es Trenc Beach

      Es Trenc Beach, located in the south of Mallorca, is famous for its extensive stretch of white sand and crystal-clear turquoise waters. This natural paradise is one of the last large dune systems and pristine beaches on the island, offering a perfect escape from the more touristy areas.

        Es Trenc is ideal for those seeking tranquility and direct contact with nature. In addition to being an excellent swimming and sunbathing spot, the beach is also a protected area, home to various bird species and endemic flora.

        A must-visit for nature and serenity lovers!

        7. Formentor y Cap de Formentor

        Formentor and Cap de Formentor, located at the northern tip of Mallorca, offer some of the island’s most breathtaking landscapes. This iconic cape is known for its dramatic cliffs, crystal-clear waters, and panoramic views of the Mediterranean.

          A trip to this place not only promises stunning photo opportunities but also a deep connection with nature. Es Colomer viewpoint, in particular, offers an unforgettable view of the sea and the rocky coast.

          And not only that, Formentor is also an ideal place for hiking and enjoying secluded beaches, making it a must-visit destination for any Mallorca visitor.

          8. Inca Market

          The Inca Market, held every Thursday in the heart of Mallorca, is one of the largest markets on the island.

            This place is a paradise for food lovers and those interested in local craftsmanship. Here, visitors can immerse themselves in an environment full of colors and aromas where everything from fresh local produce to leather goods and traditional textiles is sold.

            Without a doubt, visiting the Inca Market is an exceptional opportunity to taste authentic Mallorcan cuisine, interact with locals, and take home a piece of Mallorcan culture.

            9. Wine route in Binissalem

            The Wine Route in Binissalem is a must for wine lovers visiting Mallorca. This picturesque village, located in the heart of the island’s wine region, offers a unique opportunity to visit traditional wineries and taste renowned local wines.

              Visitors can immerse themselves in the winemaking process, from harvesting to tasting, and discover indigenous varieties such as Manto Negro and Callet.

              This route not only enhances the distinctive flavors of Mallorcan wines but also offers a deep insight into the island’s culture and traditions, making each visit an unforgettable and enriching experience.

              10. Palma Aquarium

              Palma Aquarium, located near Palma Beach in Mallorca, is a fascinating window into the underwater world.

              This modern aquarium offers visitors of all ages the opportunity to explore the diversity of marine life through more than 55 tanks housing species from around the world. Highlights include the Big Blue, Europe’s deepest shark tank, and the Mediterranean gardens surrounding the enclosure.

              In addition to being a leisure and educational center, Palma Aquarium is dedicated to marine conservation, offering educational experiences that promote respect and protection of the oceans.

              11. Sa Calobra and Torrent de Pareis

              Sa Calobra and Torrent de Pareis, located in the heart of the Tramuntana Mountains, are two of Mallorca’s most stunning natural gems. This enclave offers a unique experience with its spectacular gorge that opens onto a beach surrounded by sheer cliffs.

                The Torrent de Pareis, known for its imposing canyon sculpted by natural forces, is a popular destination for hikers and nature lovers seeking to explore unique landscapes.

                As you can see, visiting Sa Calobra and Torrent de Pareis is not only an adventure but also an immersion in the majesty and pristine beauty of Mallorcan nature.

                12. Alcúdia and its walls

                Alcudia, located in the north of Mallorca, is famous for its impressive medieval walls from the 14th century. This charming historic town offers a journey into the past with its well-preserved old town, where you can walk along cobbled streets flanked by ancient houses and visit local boutiques and cafes.

                  The walls, once serving as defense against invaders, now provide panoramic views of the city and its surroundings.

                  Visiting Alcudia and its walls is immersing oneself in the history, culture, and architecture that define Mallorca’s rich heritage, making this city a must-visit destination for any visitor.

                  13. Alfabia gardens

                  The Alfabia Gardens, located in the spectacular Tramuntana Mountains, are a true refuge of peace and natural beauty. This set of gardens and manor house is a living testament to the history and cultural diversity of Mallorca.

                    Visitors can stroll along paths surrounded by lush vegetation, ornamental fountains, and tranquil ponds that reflect Moorish architecture and Baroque elements.

                    In addition to offering an escape from the daily hustle and bustle, a visit to the Alfabia Gardens also provides an enriching experience that combines history, art, and nature in a serene atmosphere.

                    14. Lluc Monastery

                    Lluc Monastery, located in the heart of the Tramuntana Mountains, is more than a religious site; it is a sanctuary of peace and spirituality. Recognized as the spiritual center of Mallorca, this monastery attracts both pilgrims and tourists seeking tranquility and natural beauty. Surrounded by stunning mountains and dense forests, Lluc Monastery offers an atmosphere of reflection and deep connection with Mallorcan history and culture.

                      Visiting it is an opportunity to learn about its history, admire its architecture, and enjoy the chants of the “Blauets” choir, famous throughout the island.

                      15. Safari Zoo Mallorca

                      Safari Zoo Mallorca offers a unique experience for visitors of all ages, combining the excitement of a safari with the accessibility of a traditional zoo.

                        Located in the southeast of the island, this park allows visitors to observe a variety of wild animals up close from the comfort of their own vehicle or the zoo train. In addition to safari tours, the park has areas where you can walk among smaller animals and play areas for children.

                        Certainly, Safari Zoo is perfect for families looking for an educational and fun day out in nature.


                        Visit Mallorca and create unforgettable memories! Now that you know the best excursions that Mallorca has to offer, are you ready to discover these wonders for yourself?

                        Every corner of Mallorca is filled with history, natural beauty, and adventures waiting to be explored. So don’t miss the opportunity to enrich your trip with authentic and exciting experiences that only this island can offer.

                        If you want to know what to do in Mallorca, live an unforgettable boat experience in Mallorca, get your sailing license… Contact us! We’ll be happy to assist you.

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